A. M. Varkey

Birth Name A. M. Varkey Alintethekkathil, Mavelikkara
Gramps ID I0164
Gender male


Mr. A. M. VARKI (1892 – 1944)

Mr. A.M. Varki was the first Principal of Union Christian College. He had a brilliant academic career and passed his B.A., M.A. & B.L. Degree Examinations with outstanding distinction. He was a student of Madras Christian College and a member of the teaching staff of that College for a short period. He was one of the founder members of Union Christian College.

As Principal of the College during the first 20 years, he guided the destiny of the newly founded College with mature wisdom and statesmanship. His lectures, on Shakespearean plays as well as his addresses at the weekly College assembly or in the Chapel were an unforgettable experience to every member of the College. He was recognised as an experienced and seasoned educationalist and an able administrator. He was a member of the Syndicate of the Madras University and later of the Travancore University for several years.

As an educationalist and as a leader of the Christian community, especially of the Malankara Syrian Church, he exerted great influence in this part of India. Great weight was attached to his views, on all questions.

His deep scholarship, mature and sincere views, his great gift of eloquence and wide and sympathetic outlook on life all enabled him to win a position of great leadership and usefulness in the College, in Church and in society. As a member of the first Mission of Fellowship sent by the Indian Churches to Great Britain and Ireland, he made a profound impression in the countries which the group visited. Mr. Varki passed away on June 5, 1944. The College Assembly Hall is named after him.

Reference: Union Christian College


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