Mar Dionysius III

, also known as Mar Thoma XI and born Kurien (1785 May 17, 1825) was Malankara Metropolitan from 1817 to his death.

Dionysius had a long career in the Malankara Church prior to his consecration as Metropolitan. It was his suggestion during the time of Mar Thoma IX to establish the Syrian seminary at Kottayam, Kerala's first educational institution. He also welcomed some of the first missionary teachers who arrived from England to teach in the seminary. In 1816, following the death of Mar Dionysius II, who had not appointed a successor, Kurien was named vicar-general by Mar Philexenos of the Malabar Independent Syrian Church and was subsequently consecrated by him.

Early days

Kurien, who later became Mar Dionysious, was born in 1785 in the well known Punnathara family, Kottayam.


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